Welcome to the Chichester Diocese 2025 'Year of Faith'!

16th June 2024 – The Feast of St Richard – Sussex Day 

2025 is to be a year of celebration of the Christian faith across Sussex.

It marks the 950th anniversary of the formation of the Diocese of Chichester and Chichester Cathedral and 1700 years since the Nicene Creed first emerged. Today, special plans are being announced to mark these great anniversaries. 

On this dedicated website you will find information about, and links to, the events and celebrations which will form part of this special year for both diocese and cathedral. 

Details on the various events and how to get involved will be posted on this site as they become available, in the meantime if you would like to register your interest please use the contact form which can be found here.


2025 marks the 950th anniversary of the formation of the diocese of Chichester. It is also the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, when what we call the Nicene Creed (“We believe in one God…”) began to take shape.
In 2023 we explored as a diocese how Jesus was prefigured in the Old Testament. 2024 explores how in worship and evangelisation the Church forms the New Testament, enabling us to encounter Jesus today. 2025 explores how the Creed unites us in what we believe about God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

These three years outline how we celebrate the mystery of faith. This mystery presents the truth that Christ has died, is risen, and will come again.
In the new life of Baptism and in his body and blood in Holy Communion, Jesus authenticates the mystery of faith by the Holy Spirit who inspires and sustains us as missionary disciples.
This momentous celebration reminds us that we cannot define God. Faith is an exploration in which we risk everything in order to glimpse the mystery of God’s glory and to discover our place in his heart of love.

To celebrate this jubilee year we have a host of events planned across the diocese and at the Cathedral:

  • a celebration service in every deanery
  • a weekend away for young families
  • pilgrimages for young people and parishes
  • a Lent course
  • a programme of special events at the Cathedral
  • a clergy conference in Canterbury
  • an international ecumenical conference in Chichester

All of these will serve to inspire and strengthen our faith as we seek together to know, love, and follow the Lord Jesus in 2025 and beyond.

Deanery Celebrations

Special thanksgiving services
in each deanery

January and February 2025

Celebrating and giving thanks for our faith in each Deanery

Family Camp

A weekend of fun, worship
and family time!

Friday 11th - Sunday 13th July 2025

Stedham Campsite
and Outdoor Centre


Opportunities for
youth and parishes

Throughout 2025

PIlgrim walks for Young people and Parish pilgrimages to the Cathedral

Cathedral Events

Something for everyone!

950 years!

Exhibition, events and concerts
Visit Cathedral website

Lent Course

Exploring key themes
from the Nicene Creed

Materials for groups
and individuals

Readings, podcasts, reflections
and questions

Available end of 2024

International Ecumenical Conference

Nicaea Received: 1700 years of Canons, Councils and Ecumenism

20 - 22 June 25

Ecclesiastical Law Society

Visit ELS website